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We have our own chat show!

by on July 2nd, 2014

Mac yourself at Home

Link to buy tickets – https://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/mac-twins-mac-yourself-at-home

Latest Old School Soundcloud taster mix…

by on March 12th, 2014


Get Usher, Fatman Scoop, Lil Jon, Ashanti, Blu Cantrell and 50 Cent all in your ears HERE!




Latest Evening News offering…

by on March 12th, 2014


“IS our obsession with weight off the scale? Operation “bikini bod” season has begun.


But when does the balance tip from wanting to look slender on your holiday lounger to being miserable?


As we type, we are tipping what can only be described as gunge down our gullets. It has spirulina, kale, spinach and beetroot mushed up in a toddler style fashion. After this we shall log everything we consume in our My Fitness Pal app and it’ll work out how many calories we need to burn off today. Firstly there is nothing “pally” about this process, and secondly when on earth did a “cup” become a unit of measurement? Half a cup of turkey? Eh?”




Ted Baker Campaign

by on February 28th, 2014

So Ted Baker are doing a campaign about cultural innovators of Scotland and picked us as one of the four :D


‘Top 10 at 25′

by on February 28th, 2014

We write about life at 25 – read here!

This week in writing…

by on February 7th, 2014

Our latest newspaper column and Huffington post offerings.




Huffington Post – Selfie – steem


On ITV Daytime again!

by on February 4th, 2014

We were on the Alan Titchmarsh show on Thursday doing what we to best ……bickering! If you missed it - Catch it Here!

Who’s side are you on?!

THE place to be in London on Friday! Bowling. 90s beats. XL pizzas & sweeeeeties BE THERE!

by on February 4th, 2014

Pop Shop

New Soundcloud for you to rave to!

by on January 14th, 2014

The Botox and Barbie Collision

by on January 14th, 2014

Just wrote an article for @HuffPostUK about Botox and barbies - http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/the-mac-twins/the-botox-and-barbie-coll_b_4595254.html … -Please share to raise awareness and get these apps OFF iTunes!